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Opening Ceremony of OEC for Foreigner Students

In the morning of September 19, 2016, the 2016 fall semester opening ceremony of Overseas Education College of Xiamen University was held in the multifunctional hall of Kunluan Building, Xiangan campus. Overseas Education College Dean Tongtao Zheng, Vice Dean Wanli Fu, Guanhua Huang, Xiamen Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Public Security Bureau officer Xiaoying Chen, Chinese Language faculty representatives and more than 200 overseas students attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was host by Weiping Wu, deputy party secretary of the college.

The ceremony kicked off in the school anthem. Dean Professor Tongtao Zheng gave the speech in the represent of the college to express sincere welcome to all overseas students. Dean Cheng introduced the 60-year history of Overseas Education College, and the beautiful environment of Xiangan campus, hope the students can cherish the time in school, study hard, abide by Chinese laws and school regulations, and improve the level of Chinese language. In addition, Professor Zheng also proposed that besides leaning in school, students can go out of the school to see the "outside world" in Xiamen and the surrounding Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and other places, to experience the long history of Minnan culture, to integrate into the local life, and to enhance the identification of Chinese culture.

Finally, the dean recommended the book "Magic Xiamen", the writer Weilian Pan is the alumni of 1988, now is the professor of Management School. The book is written in a foreigner’s perspective, vividly introduces the history of Xiamen, local customs, especially the climate of Xiamen, snacks, and tourism landscape that foreigners interested. Dean Zheng hopes that students can take this to learn more about Xiamen and Chinese culture.

Then, the senior and freshmen representatives were speaking on behalf of the students. Jingjing Jiang from Indonesia, who has studied two years in Xiamen, as the representative of the senior expressed the love for beautiful campus of Xiamen University. She said, it is happy to study here, not only can learn Chinese, but also make a lot of friends. She also hoped that the new students can study and enjoy the life here.

Daniel from Czech and graduate student Qiyu Wei from Nigeria were the representatives of freshmen. They said, due to the interest of Chinese culture, they came to learn Chinese from thousand miles away. The beautiful campus and humanistic concern of Xiamen University impressed them, they hope to learn Chinese and make contribution to the future between Chinese and their country in economy and culture fields.

Next is the entrance guidance. Officer Xiaoying Chen talked about the Chinese government on the visa and entry and exit administration. Mei Wang from the Department of Chinese Language introduced the classes and courses. Yuanyuan Bi of Library teacher explained the use of the library. Finally, Yuta Jiang also gave detailed explanations of campus life and some regulations.

The opening ceremony ended in the warm applause. Freshmen said that after the opening ceremony, they have a more in-depth understanding of life in Xiamen University, and full of expectation. They hope that by learning in Xiamen, they will have deeply understanding of Chinese culture.